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How to Advertise on TikTok

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With over 500 million users around the world, TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media platform. This was a feat achieved in only three years. Characterized by creative videos posted by the users, TikTok takes a new approach by allowing users to download other user’s videos. This is something other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram don’t allow.

These short videos have become a new sensation, especially among Gen Z, with 41% of the users being teenagers. However, other generations are also becoming part of the platform. This wide reach makes it one of the main platforms most brands are looking to advertise with. If your demographic is largely comprised of the under-30 population, then it’s time to begin your TikTok marketing campaign.

How Should a Brand Advertise on TikTok?

Advertisement is relatively new on TikTok. Therefore, some of the options are very expensive. However, there are some that are much more affordable. From creating your own account to paying for take-over ads, here’s the latest on TikTok advertising strategies:

Know the Platform

TikTok is new to the marketing scene and experienced marketers have a lot to learn about the channel. Therefore, it’s important to know the platform and how it works before devising a marketing strategy. While videos started at only 15 seconds, users can now upload 60-second stories.

Interestingly, people don’t need to follow the accounts to see the content. They can just browse through different videos thanks to the Discover feature. Of course, many people choose to follow users that produce their favorite content. Because content flows so easily through the app in an all-encompassing experience, ads can blend seamlessly in with the native content.  Although the process is still new, here are the steps to creating an ad on TikTok.

How to Create a Direct Ad

Direct ads allow you to promote your brand and customize the format to some degree. But this process is extremely new, and only open so some advertisers – so getting ahead of the curve could separate your brand from the competition. Here are the steps you need to follow to advertise on TikTok:

1. Create an Ads Account

This is still in beta, which means that after you send an online form, you’ll be contacted by a TikTok employee to finalize the setup process for your ad account.

2. Create a Campaign

After you have successfully created an ads account, you can post your campaign. The platform will allow you to select what the goal of your campaign is, your budget, desired ad placement, and who you want to target. You can also leave it to the algorithm to determine where your ad will perform better.

3. Choose the Type of Ad You Want to Run

There are different types of ads. The first one is a brand takeover. This type of ad appears on the users’ screen as soon as they open the app. However, these ads have limits as only one advertiser per day can run their ad.

Similar to other social media channels, sponsored hashtags allow you to promote specific creative content in a given hashtag, like a challenge (a popular content format on TikTok). You can promote your challenge while working with the marketing team of the app. This way your hashtag challenge will be sponsored and its reach will be wider.

Lastly, you have the in-feed ads. Many consider these as the more organic ads because they appear as part of the video queue of the user or at the end of a video they were watching. Therefore, it’s not as disruptive as a brand takeover.

What if I can’t Advertise?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, TikTok ads aren’t fully automated yet. So if you’re looking for another way to build success on this channel, influencer marketing on TikTok might be your best bet. Not only is this potentially more cost-effective, but it also feels more natural as it connects viewers with your brand via trusted ambassadors. If you want to learn more about influencer marketing on TikTok, reach out to our influencer marketing experts to get more information.

As you can see there are different options for brand advertising on TikTok. However, it’s believed that the app will improve the available options in 2020 as it continues to grow. While some are more expensive than others, by studying your audience and targeting their needs, it’s very likely that you’ll see a profit after the release of these ads. Remember to make them as immersive as possible and make the user feel involved. This is precisely what has made Tiktok so successful in the first place.


Jim Hughes is a content marketer at OpenCashAdvance. He has significant experience covering marketing, finance, economics, and business topics for about 3 years. He likes to share all the insight and knowledge he has.

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