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Visual MKTG 101

Five Questions to Guide Campaign Development

Content teams are focusing more of their efforts on visual marketing and it’s no wonder with networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Vine, seeing such dramatic traction and year-over-year growth. Visual content is proven to have significantly higher impact than text: 60 percent of people are visual learners, so using photos, and videos in your…

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Leveraging UGC to Drive Engagement: Interview with Eric Cortes

With the growing trend of brands leveraging user-generated content to create more personalized marketing experiences with customers, marketers are constantly looking for new ways engage their audiences. This week we sat down with Eric Cortes, the social media manager for the Atlantic City Alliance, to learn more about their recent #ShowUsYourBling campaign.   The  #ShowUsYourBling…

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Feed the Beast with Content!

Content Strategy: Feeding the Beast

There is no longer (if there ever was) a linear path between awareness, acquisition, loyalty, and retention. With our access to information, all of these decisions and actions are happening in real-time, so we need to keep customers and potential customers engaged all the time.   The brands that have the best success getting consumers…


Rise of Social Media in Ecommerce [Infographic]

Despite online retail experts debating the impact of social media on ecommerce sales, there’s no denying the fact that brands are investing in social media channels to build a loyal fanbase. Here are some interesting numbers that reiterate the importance of social media in ecommerce.   *This article and Infographic were originally posted by Mobstac